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Fire Safety Services

Get Complete Coverage from Trusted Professionals

As a commercial property owner it is your duty to protect your staff and properties from life or property loss. But every element isn’t in your control. For peace of mind, turn to the business that has been providing fire safety services for over 40 years, Williams Fire Sprinkler. 

We offer a complete range of fire safety services, from fire detection to water-based sprinkler systems and chemical-based fire suppression services that ensure if open flames break out there’s something already in your facility serving as the first line of defense until the fire department can reach your property.

Water-Based Sprinkler Systems are not as simple as water sprinkling from a unit above - you need to ensure the water will account for the space and temperature of your building when flames are present but have yet to cause significant damage. 

Unlike other fire protection services, Williams Fire Sprinkler offers the latest technologies in water sprinkler design as well as maintenance services to give your business a custom defense against fire or other major loss. 

Chemical-Based or Dry Suppression Systems are great for industrial or commercial property where combustible materials, like building materials or chemical agents, are stored, sold or produced. 

Smoke Detectors can be your real first line of defense - set to go off if there is a specific level of heat and smoke in the area. They are the first “alarm” to go off with the goal of keeping you, your staff or residents, safe from fire damage and when monitored from beyond your property, can ensure the right first responders get on scene as fast as possible.

Carbon Monoxide (CO) Protection ensures sure that your staff or tenants have the protection they deserve by monitoring carbon monoxide levels in your commercial property so that apartment residents or store employees are safe and free from the effects of CO poisoning.  

Call Williams Fire Sprinkler (252) 792-8196   today or request a consultation and we’ll walk you through all the methods we have for protecting what is important to you.