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About Williams Fire Sprinkler

Excellent Service Since 1972

Williams Fire Sprinkler is dedicated to providing you the highest level of fire and security protection for life and property. We deliver your service with pride, honor and integrity.

Because of our field, we pay attention when there’s a local fire at a factory or a nearby robbery at a home. We are problem solvers and we know just the item that could have protected that family and that business from unnecessary disaster.

We opened our doors in 1972, offering you a broad range of life safety systems and maintenance programs designed to meet the specific needs of your facility. Our highly trained staff can design, install, monitor, maintain, service, test and inspect all types of fire sprinklerfire alarm and security systems, regardless of the size and complexity of your home or business. We are authorized distributors of several top-of-the-line security and fire alarm systems.

Your Safety is Our Goal

When we talk about life safety service, we’re not being melodramatic. Our services can actually mean the difference between someone getting safely out of a building that is on fire, or whether someone is subject to the trauma of a security threat. Williams is honored to be trusted with your life safety and security and we will never deliver services that are less than excellent.

We understand that a fire can destroy a family’s home or an entire company’s foundation. As business owners ourselves, we know that a fire in your storage facility means terrific loss. We also get when our clients who have dealt with fire or security threats want to ensure they have the best system in place for their protection.

Williams Fire Sprinkler is an authorized FIKE Engineered Systems Distributor (ESD) of Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems including; FM-200, ECARO-25 and Pro-Inert.

Please contact us for all your fire sprinkler, fire alarm, clean agent, carbon monoxide protection needs and more. We also install dry chemical fire detection and suppression systems. Williams Fire Sprinkler Company wants to be your source for life protection and security needs. We are committed to exceeding your expectations.