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Dry Chemical Fire Suppression

Extinguish Flames Without Water

Dry chemical fire suppression can be used in lieu of fire sprinklers. Often used in cases where water will not adequately extinguish flames, these systems pour a powder, rather than a liquid, on a beginning fire.

Williams Fire Sprinkler can help your business to deal with all types of fire. That’s why we offer both fire sprinklers and dry chemical systems.

How Dry Chemical Fire Suppression Works

Think of a storage area for flammable liquids, or a room full of irreplaceable but flammable documents, a room full of incredibly expensive servers. When on fire these areas are best suited to dry chemical fire suppression.

Sure, these substances cause a bit of a mess but in the instance of an area not best served with a water sprinkler system, but these systems also prevent major losses in the instance of fire breaking out.

There are several things used for dry fire suppression.

Call (252) 792-8196 or request a consultation now with Williams Fire Sprinkler today to determine if there are areas in your building or facility that would be best handled by dry chemicals. We’ll be happy to go over the various systems available.