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Bi-Directional Amplifiers (BDA)

Enhance In-Building Coverage, Never Miss A Radio Signal Again

Lives depend on reliable public safety radio coverage.

A reliable path of communication is crucial during an emergency. Weak radio signals could cause a loss of communications for emergency responders.

That is why we offer the Honeywell Gamewell-FCI Bi-Directional Amplifier (BDA) emergency communication system designed to enhance in-building radio frequency (RF) signal coverage for public safety use.

What are the key features to consider when choosing a bi-directional amplifier for my communication system?

Some key features to consider include frequency range compatibility, gain level, noise figure, power output, and filtering capabilities to ensure optimal signal performance. Additionally, assess the BDA's ability to handle multiple channels and its compliance with regulatory standards. Factor in installation requirements, such as mounting options and power supply needs. The best way to help you make up your mind is to consult with a professional.

How Does a BDA work?

Emergency Radio Communication Enhancement Systems (ERCES) were first introduced in the 2009 International Building Code. The ERCES requirement was established to address the performance of emergency responders' portable radios inside buildings because building construction, building size, construction features and other elements can absorb or block radio communications.

If a building does not meet the required signal strength (-95dBm), the only effective solution is the installation of a signal booster (bi-directional amplifier).

Today's codes require all buildings to have approved radio coverage for emergency responders within the building based on the existing coverage levels of the public safety communication systems of the jurisdiction at the exterior of the building.

Why Do I Have Signal Problems?

Concrete or metal construction, larger buildings and underground structures have a negative impact on the in-building signal strength required for reliable communications. Buildings that use low-E glass windows will attenuate the signal from public safety radio systems.

Many design professionals are not aware of the ERCES requirements. This can mean ERCES is not referenced on a building submittal. In this case, the fire official should immediately notify the building official and design professional, in writing, that the ERCES must be evaluated. If the existing radio coverage has not been maintained then ERCES must be provided.

The Gamewell-FCI Class B Bi-Directional Amplifiers are a high gain, high power band-selective signal booster / Bi-Directional Amplifier that have been specifically designed from the ground up for UL2524 1st Edition In-building 2-Way Emergency Radio Communication Enhancement Systems, NFPA and IBC/IFC standards compliance, to become the best choice for public safety and other mission-critical applications.

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