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Water-Based Fire Suppression

Williams Fire Sprinkler Is Your Sprinkler System Expert

Some commercial businesses or properties might require water. Other facilities require something manufactured that is specifically not water, to beat down any flames (think about water with a grease fire). If your business is the type that needs water-based solutions, you’ll find effective fire safety solutions with the sprinkler experts at Williams. 

Williams Fire Sprinkler loves designing sprinkler systems and we’re experts at providing water-based fire solutions for your facility. 

Sprinkler systems come in all shapes and sizes, with different methods to control the burn. Four common systems include the wet pipe sprinkler, the dry pipe sprinkler system, the deluge sprinkler and pre-action systems.

Deluge sprinklers are what people generally picture when picturing a sprinkler system. They hold prepared deluges of water to drop on a space when it reaches a certain temperature. These systems are used where you might need water to cover a large amount of property. 

Wet pipe systems hold water in the pipes, ready to release whenever the heat reaches a certain level. With a dry pipe system, water is delivered to the sprinkler heads only if it is needed and nothing is held in the pipes of your system so there is nothing to get frozen in winter weather. 

Finally, pre-action systems are actually also dry systems that perform in a different way. The water is separated from the sprinkler heads by a valve-system that waits for two different indicators of fire. Pre-action systems are common in archives or areas where significant records are held, to avoid splashing important items and information when there is a false alarm. 

Call Williams Fire Sprinkler at (252) 792-8196 today to learn about the many ways you can protect your properties from the effects of property fire or request a consultation. We can help you minimize possible damage with one of these different fire sprinkler systems.