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Smoke Detectors

A Small Way To Prevent Catastrophic Damage

A smoke alarm should be enough, right? Your self-installed detector goes off but only in the kitchen where the burner has been left on and the flames have reached the kitchen curtains. 

When you get outside you realize the rest of the family hasn’t evacuated, probably because they aren’t aware of the alarm or can’t see or smell smoke. Even if you’re lucky enough to get everyone and the family dog out onto the lawn, you have to watch your home burn and hope that the sirens you hear in the distance are coming to help you.

With Williams Fire Sprinkler, you aren’t leaving your family or company’s safety in the hands of a smoke detector that can be purchased at a drugstore. When your hardwired, networked smoke detector signals to our monitoring center that there is smoke in your home, we can even call the local fire department on your behalf, so you can focus on getting the building’s occupants to safety. 

If you’re in manufacturing or any type of business, you know that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has strict codes when it comes to the safety of the individuals who work in your business or facility. You can prevent a failed safety inspection with Williams Fire Sprinkler. We’ll ensure you’re up to code, both with the local authorities and with OSHA.

No Detector, No Alert

More than a third of fatal home fires in the US occur in homes where there is not a smoke detector or the detector is not properly working, according to the National Fire Protection Association. Although a fire might start small - a forgotten candle, an improperly extinguished cigarette, a towel is left too close to an electric stove burner - its smoke moves quickly around your space. If you are far from the fire — say, on the opposite side of the house, or behind a closed door — you may not smell or see the smoke emerging from elsewhere in the home. 

This is why The National Fire Protection Association recommends that homes are equipped with multiple alarms and that all of the alarms are hardwired (meaning they draw their power from the home) with a battery backup and networked, so that when one goes off in the living room the rest of the alarms in the house simultaneously release the emergency sound. Detectors should be in every bedroom and outside every area in which people sleep.  

Call Williams Fire Sprinkler for your smoke detector needs. We’ll ensure they are installed and networked and monitored by our highly qualified professionals. Call (252) 792-8196 today or request an appointment today.