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Fire Sprinkler Design

Strategically Avoiding Disaster

We are all familiar with the concept that water extinguishes fire. So it makes sense that facilities might install sprinklers in the ceiling that, when their thermal indicators cause them to open, they douse any beginning flames.

But how much water should you use? Where should the sprinklers be located to prevent the most damage?

Design of fire sprinkler systems is a true science protecting both human lives and preventing business-destroying property damage. The experts at Williams Fire Sprinkler are advanced, professional sprinkler designers, well up-to-date on current fire safety codes. We use a massive knowledge base to determine just where your facility is the most vulnerable and how to combat that vulnerability. We design in an ACAD format.

Some other considerations include:

  • The sprinklers will cover a maximum area depending on where sprinkler heads are located and what hazard classification there is.
  • The amount of water discharged per minute over the selected area is typically referred to as “design density.”
  • Design looks at the area of operation to determine risk and hazard classification and responds accordingly
  • The design also determines the amount of water that must be available in a sprinkler activating situation

Essentially, sprinkler design should only be trusted to a professional design team, individuals schooled in the equations, equipment, terminology and science involved. When your commercial facility is evaluated for safety, this design will play a large part in demonstrating the forward thinking and extra analytical thinking that went into protecting your facility.

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