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Fire Sprinkler Maintenance

Keep Your Sprinkler System Healthy & Functioning

If flames break out in your facility or home, a well-designed fire sprinkler system can prevent major damage — if your fire sprinklers are in good working order.

Williams performs routine maintenance on sprinkler systems to ensure your system is in working order and ready to respond to fire emergencies. We perform maintenance on the system in any size facility, all varieties of systems and all manufacturers.

Experts say you should have your system serviced every five years or so. For dry sprinklers, it is suggested that every 10 years is best.

What Is Done During a Maintenance Visit?

Typically, fire sprinkler maintenance entails:

  • Checking and testing electrical controls.
  • Cleaning and testing sprinkler heads.
  • Verifying sprinkler coverage is sufficient.
  • Checking water pressure.
  • Checking and testing backflow devices.


If you are due for an inspection, Williams Fire Sprinkler can take care of that as well. If there are any problems in your inspection, you’ve already hired the experts in fire safety protection to resolve any issues you may have.

To learn more about how regularly-scheduled fire sprinkler maintenance can protect your property from fire damage, call Williams Fire Sprinkler today at (252) 792-8196 or request an in-person consultation.