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Fire Protection Systems

Security Alarm Systems

Why Choose Us?

Our technicians are experts at installing and servicing the following systems regardless of the size or manufacturer:

  • Fire Sprinkler Systems
  • Fire Alarms
  • Water Based Fire Suppression Systems
  • Dry Chemical Fire Detection and Suppression Systems
  • Clean Agent, CO2, AFFF/HI-EX FOAM
  • Security Systems for your Home or Business
  • Williams Fire Sprinkler is a UL Certified Alarm Service Company
  • Our Fire Alarm Technicians are NICET and/or IMSA Level II certified in Fire Alarms
  • N.F.P.A. #72 requires service and inspection personnel to be qualified and experienced in service and inspection of fire alarm systems. The above referenced certifications are in compliance with their outlined qualifications to perform maintenance, service and inspections on any fire alarm system

DCJS #: 11–3611 (VA security number)

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Fire Sprinkler Systems

Fire sprinkler systems design, installation and servicing are our specialty. We only install sprinkler equipment from leading manufacturers to ensure safety and code compliance.

  • Residential - Your family will never miss fire sprinklers until the moment you need them most. They save lives. And our professional staff can design a system that is custom fit to your home's needs.
  • Commercial , Education, Government, Healthcare & Industrial - We offer you extensive experience working with general contractors, building owners and property managers to design and install code-compliant and attractive sprinkler systems.


  • System Design - Our professional design department is dedicated and qualified to design the fire sprinkler system that best meets your needs in compliance with National Fire Protection Association's requirements, local and state building codes and insurance underwriter requirements. Our design is performed in ACAD format.
  • Equipment - We offer a full range of high caliber fire sprinkler system equipment from leading manufacturers.
  • Inspection - We provide thorough inspections in accordance with National Fire Protection Association's requirements. Following each scheduled inspection or test, a technician will provide a detailed report as outlined in National Fire Protection Association and your local authority to identify potential opportunities for improving system performance and assisting in code compliance.
  • Maintenance, Repair or Service - Our highly trained and experienced staff repair all elements of your fire sprinkler system from pumps, to piping to sprinkler heads and alarms.
  • Monitoring - We can supply a system for monitoring fire sprinkler and/or suppression systems as well as UL listed monitoring service.
  • Backflow Preventer - We install backflow preventers and provide certification test on new as well as existing installations.
  • Underground Fire Mains - We can perform installation and repairs of underground mains.
  • Water Supply - We perform water supply test to be used in performing hydraulic calculations for systems.

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